My Commander


A simple way to manage your files


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My Commander is a file management tool that will help you do all kinds of things with your documents, all from a comfortable and functional interface.

The program's interface is divided into two panels, each with its own respective explorer and tab system, from which you can easily transfer files between folders. Just drag them from one side to the other, that's it.

Best of all, the application includes an integrated web browser that you can navigate from one of the two panels: say, Windows explorer on the left, and any webpage you want on the right.

Some other notable features of My Commander include its reduced size and the ability to run it with no installation necessary. You will have access to all its features without installing one megabyte onto your hard drive.

If you need a simpler, more effective way to manage the files on your machine, My Commander offers all you need and possibly a little more.
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